Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Although it was a solemn occasion to be in Roby's office going through old family photos and other things,  we took some time to create 'new' family photos. I don't think there are any other photos of Bernice and Barry and I. I wish we had taken photos of everyone the night we were all there.

Monday, January 10, 2011


We got to spend some more time with Bernice when we changed our flight due to blizzard conditions in Boston. We went into Roby's office and looked through all the old family photos Bernice had found. There was my mother, age 13, age 14 and me age 6 sitting on her lap. I never thought I would see that picture ever again. It was a somber occasion...........


Upon entering the room, a Boston Red Sox pennant is taped to the edge of the bulging bookcases. Roby of course, carried on the Sandler tradition of being a life-long Boston Red Sox fan. Bernice told me he was buried with his Boston Red Sox cap ! 
On the opposite wall of his writing desk
are the book
shelves and his many trophies !

Robert Sandler, World's Greatest Teacher is
engraved on one from the Monday night class at Temple Beth Am, 1984. He had trophies for Tennis, engraved with 'Champion' + 'Doubles'. Another is a Fraternity Trophy, 1967.

This mini tennis racket lived on the top shelf, next to the trophies.


My brother and I planned a trip to visit with our aunt and uncle, Roby and Bernice. I was so looking forward to

getting together with Roby to work on his blog, Robert Sandler's Views. (click here)The plan was to scan all his published articles into the computer and get them on his blog for current and future readers. We worked on it over the phone until he seemed to get upset by the frustration of trying to communicate with each other about the work and how it looked on his computer which was different than mine. Unfortunately that trip was not to be. Instead Barry and I had to go to his funeral. Barry and I both took pictures of his office, just as it was when he left it. Prominently displayed is the Wailing Wall from the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, indicating his lifelong passion and commitment to Judaism manifested also by his leadership role in starting the Judaic Studies department at the University of Miami.
Because of his problems with Mild Cognitive Impairment, he wrote little notes that he taped to his lamp to remind himself of things his memory had forgotten. (click on images to enlarge)

Whenever I see these photos it's as though he's
coming right back to pick up where he left off.

If you enlarge this picture, you can see a note next to the photo of me,
'Carol, niece'. In the last years of his life, we grew closer while
working on the phone on Robert Sandler's Views. I got more letters
and notes and articles.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Monday, December 20th, we landed at Miami International Airport at about 6:30pm, rented a car and by some miracle, found our way to the Kendall Hotel and Suites on North Kendall Drive in the dark, without getting lost. That was not to be the case for the next few days.........all our relatives laughed at us......but, wait, I digress.............did I say it took us over an hour to find our way to baggage and get out of the airport ? MIA has an indoor trolley system that takes you to your baggage area because the airport is so big ! So our getting 'lost' began in the airport. Then we had to go outside the airport and get on a shuttle bus to get to the rental car agencies located about ten minutes away in a separate building from the airport. Oh joy, shlepping our bags + ourselves and then hoisting the bags onto the shuttle.......good thing barry was there to help me ! Thank you barry !

The next day we went to the funeral which was located at Temple Beth Am on North Kendall Drive, not too far away from us. That's when we learned that the words 'near' + 'far' have different meanings in Florida than Boston.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Our brave duo started out gamely enough, making it through TSA security ok. I got stopped + patted down; the machine went off due to the ceramic pin I was wearing. Barry did not get stopped while wearing his metal watch. I don't get it.

Then we sat onboard for an hour while they
de-iced the plane.

Barry had the window seat and got some great shots of clouds and sunset time.