Saturday, November 3, 2012


Massachusetts will start to feel Sandy’s fury late Sunday night; governor declares state of emergency

10/27/2012 3:31 PM

No place to run, no place to hide. I ran away from California due to Earthquakes in large part. I was in the earthquake of 1989 in downtown San Francisco. I saw masonry buildings crack, shards of broken glass all over the sidewalks and watched the Marina District burn with blazing fires. I did not do well with the ground shaking beneath your feet unexpectedly, no warning - two weeks later, walking around in Berkeley I burst into tears for no reason.....+ all I could think of was 'I have to get out of here.'When I had the opportunity, in 1998, I left. I don't do well with disasters - it triggers my PTSD.

Growing up in Boston, we never had hurricanes in October. August, that was it. I started getting ready for the hurricane last Saturday. The warnings started coming in on Friday. I went and got batteries, non-perishable food and waited for the 'tropical storm/hurricane/nor'easter. It came on Monday. All day long . High winds + rain.

Michael called from Pensacola where they deal with hurricanes all season long through November. He said I should be ok because I live in a concrete frame building and just stay away from the windows in case they blow out. Molly MacNaughton emailed to check in from New Hampshire with an update of conditions there and to see how I was doing.

Fortunately, I did not lose power- I had the internet, cable and phone. Massachusetts got off lightly although some people did lose power. But nothing compared to what is going on in New York.

Click here for more info re. Boston.