Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Jonny Gomes, 12:07 am

Fans in Boston are so exhausted today. We were all up late last night watching the Sox win the world series after being the most Unlikely team to do it. Nobody thought they would get this far. Even Dennis Eckersley, Hall of Famer, former Red Sox pitcher said "it's surreal." It really was and still is a 'magical' atmosphere here in Boston, especially as David Ortiz said, "after everything people went through here re. the Boston Marathon tragedy." He dedicated the Trophy to the people of Boston. Like John Farrell, he is a class act. 

Louise turned out to be a lucky charm. Bernice, I hope you will cut out another headline and put it on the bookcase ! Ellen, loved your energy although your allegiance is elsewhere. I am so glad the Sandler family loyally rooted for the Red Sox, for Roby......yes, I think his energy helped move things along. 

Lackey pitches a gem for win



Beantown is buzzing and has been all day. I arrived at Physical Therapy to Red Sox coverage. My P.T. is going to a sportsbar tonight near Fenway. My poor friend Joan who is visiting from California is stranded at the Hynes T stop. Four trains went by filled to capacity with Red Sox fans. I think Boston is levitating off the ground right now....and this is Before the game !

May this photo be the good luck charm for tonight  - "He had put it up when the Sox finally won their first World Series in so many years"   
Thanks for sending the photo Bernice !

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


What a game ! Bernice, it's so exciting, I enjoyed getting your comment right after the game ! The Sandler 'karma' is definitely working - we are all in ! Thinking of Roby - I like to think his energy lingers and he is rooting them on too.

From worst to first - the magic number - 1. Looking for the next win to shut down the Cards at Fenway  wednesday. Ross’ “signature moment” came with one out in the seventh inning. Xander Bogaerts singled into center field and Stephen Drew walked to put runners at first and second for Ross. Adam Wainwright tried to put Ross away with a 1-2 breaking ball, but the Boston backstop ripped an RBI double down the left field line to put the Red Sox in front 2-1. Ross and the Sox went on to secure a 3-1 victory to pull to within one win of a World Series title.

David Ross spent two months on the DL, out with a concussion ! It makes his RBI double extra sweeter. 

Read more here:

Red Sox nation needs to go to bed early tonight - we are exhausted.


Sunday, October 27, 2013


Another shocking win - Koji Uehara  picked off the guy at first base - done !

Series tied.  Gotta love Koji Uehara and Johnny Gomes - he is our Kevin Millar factor.


Obstructed view: Call sends Sox to walk-off loss

Umpires rule Middlebrooks impeded Craig following play at third base

I wonder if Roby knew about RULE 7.06 !

I watched the post game show last night. Boston is buzzing about that 'vaguely worded rule' from MLB Rules and Regs. Whoever heard of Rule 7.06 ? For more info, check out !

A lot of things happened in Game 3, but it was ultimately decided on the obstruction call.

Red Sox lose on controversial call

Red Sox lose on controversial call

Chances are you never heard of Major League Baseball’s Rule 7.06 before Saturday night. But remember this: While Game 3 of the World Series ended on an obstruction call Saturday night, that was how the Red Sox lost this bizarre, thrilling, tense, ultimately devastating game. However, it is not why they lost, writes Chad Finn.
The Red Sox lost, 5-4, to the Cardinals here last night in a way that no World Series game 
has ever ended, a frantic final play that culminated in an obstruction call on third baseman 
Will Middlebrooks, the awarding of home plate to runner Allen Craig and an ardent protest of 
a ruling that the umpires got right the first time, even if the Sox didn’t want to believe it.

“It’s an absolute crying shame that a call like this is going to decide a World Series game,” 
emotional pitcher Jake Peavy said. “It’s a joke. There’s no other way to say it. It’s a joke.”

Added manager John Farrell, “That’s a tough pill to swallow. Tough way to have a game
end, particularly of this  significance.”  (

AP/ October 27, 2013, 12:24 AM

Obstruction call gives Cards win in World Series Game 3

St. Louis Cardinals' Allen Craig gets tangled with Boston Red Sox's Will Middlebrooks during the ninth inning of Game 3 of baseball's World Series Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013, in St. Louis. / AP PHOTO/DAVID J. PHILLIP

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Boston vs. St. Louis sports rivalry

This is it folks..........the big show...........and the Red Sox are in it ! Unbelievable, unreal, surreal......those are the emotions in Beantown right now !

With Roby's karma, root, root, root for the hometeam !   GO SOX !

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Roby's pennant is still on the door + now we have another one ! It was fabulous watching the Red Sox take down the Tigers - Scherzer, Verlanger, etc. In the words of Detroit manager Jim Leyland, " they have good starting pitching, they have a GREAT bullpen ! Yes, our bullpen won it for us, especially Koji Uehara, MVP in the ALCS !!!!

Koji Uehara (twitter@TeamUehara)
Bats: Right, Throws: Right
Height: 6' 2", Weight: 195 lb.
Born: April 31975 in Neyagawa, Osaka, Japan (Age 38)
High School: Tokai University Gyosei (Osaka City, JP)
School: Osaka Taiiku University (JP)
 as a Free Agent with the Baltimore Orioles in 2009. (All Transactions)
Debut: April 8, 2009 (Age 34)
Teams (by GP): Orioles/RedSox/Rangers 2009-2013
2013 Contract Status: Signed, 2 yrs/$9.25M (13-14) (details) [*]
Service Time (01/2013): 4.000, Free Agent: 2015 [*]Agents: SFX [*]

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


What a nailbiter ! 1-0 

Thank you Mike Napoli ......
John Lackey - beat Verlander !  UNBELIEVABLE !    see below

It’s going to take a lot to beat the 1991 World Series.But this Red Sox-Tigers American League Championship Series is the best thing since.
Oh, ye who grew up in the steroid era, THIS is what baseball is about. Timely hitting. Clutch pitching. A bullpen that makes your heart leap into your throat at times.
It’s awesome, isn’t it?
The Red Sox are up 2-1 in the ALCS thanks to of all people, John Lackey, that chicken-eating, beer-swilling totem pole we had grown to loathe. That guy beat Justin Verlander in Game 3.
That guy.

I mean ... I don't really know where to go with this.
In the wake of the Disney World-like nature that was Sunday evening (watch this as if you needed a reminder), it was somewhat easy, if not juvenile, to assume that Lackey would toss a game for the ages, even against the most feared postseason pitcher left in the business. When unexpected glory befalls you, it tends to stick around in a delirious fashion.
Then. It happens.
It happened?
David Ortiz’s grand slam in Game 2 didn't just win the game on Sunday night; it changed the entire perception of this series, and it has the Tigers swirling in their own heads.
Ah, maybe that’s too easy and taking too much away from the job turned in by Lackey, Junichi Tazawa, Craig Breslow, and ... yeah, that closer guy, in a thoroughly entertaining Game 3, but the Tigers are your 2011 Vancouver Canucks right now. Lost and no way out.
The Red Sox have the same eyes the Bruins did.
Maybe it’s not exactly “kill and destroy,” but there’s a confidence level there we haven’t seen since 2004 in baseball.
Maybe not even then.
Nine years ago, it was about, “If you don’t believe in us ...” and more that drove the team that broke the drought. This year? It’s more about chemistry, teamwork, and hardship, the trio of traits that many a sabermetric will insist doesn’t exist. Tell me this, if chemistry doesn’t exist, do you have a date tonight?
Ben Cherington has assembled the most-likable, dynamic Red Sox team since Kevin Millar booted Japan for the Back Bay. For all that Theo Epstein gave the Red Sox in his tenure here, let’s face it, he never, ever had the scouting eyes that his successor clearly has. Cherington was always the Watson in the front office, consistently with all the clues as Epstein’s Sherlock Holmes took the credit.
And that comes from a Theo apologist.
These games remind us why we love baseball. It’s not about “digging the long ball” but dodging it altogether. It’s about double plays in the eighth. It’s about players getting benched in Game 2 hitting the game-winning home run. It's about your third choice for a closer nailing down the win as he had done all season.
Baseball, as if you needed to know, is awesome.
But nights like Tuesday ... well, they only slam you in the head with that message don’t they?
Cherish this. It is the best ALCS you might ever see.
After all, it only happens every 22 years. Or so. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


OK, now ....that's the end of Tampa Bay !  On to the ALCS against the Oakland A's or the Tigers...

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Red Sox jump on Rays miscues, win ALDS 

opener 12-2

We love Johnny Gomes, Koji Uehara, Mike Napoli...

MLB changed the post-season game rules this year. 

We are still playing the Rays even though we won the Eastern Division Title. 

Two wild cards this year - I am still trying to figure 

out what that means and why they did's gotten very confusing.

Wonder what Roby would say -