Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Michael designed this grid using the Pythagorean Theorem in 1988 while we were going to graduate school at UC Berkeley, Architecture Program. It is beautiful. He had it made into pads and sold them in the Art Supply store in Berkeley. Now I only have one page left (and it is wrinkled, I feel terrible about that). I had asked him if he had anymore left. He said yes but he didn't remember where he had stored them....) I wonder if Photoshop could clean it up. I am investigating.


Michael Robinett

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Mike created a website for himself and for me. His
was michael-robinett.com and mine was carol-miller.com. He took care of the whole thing. The websites were hosted by Network Solutions. I paid for both websites to keep them going. Unfortunately, even while paying for the websites, Network Solutions dismantled them. I later found a website devoted exclusively to angry clients who also had very bad experiences with the company. I took screenshots of Mike's home page and mine. I am now looking into other companies to put my website back up. Unfortunately, all of Mike's files are on his computer which I do not have access to. He was very gifted. It is a great loss not to see the hundreds of projects he worked on - all his drawings were works of Art.

This is not the best image of this beautiful drawing of the site plan of the Pyramids of Giza with dimensions and equations. I need to get better software. I saved it as an html file and then turned it into a jpeg. Unfortunately the text got smaller. I am working on it !

The pyramids of Giza are aligned with the Constellation of Orion. Archaeologists are still studying them today and revising their original analyses. The pyramids of Giza were an earthly representation of the Belt of Orion. For more information click here.

Michael and I loved to watch Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. According to "Ancient Astronaut Theorists" perhaps the Egyptions from 2450 B.C. received technological knowledge from Extra Terrestrials. What else could explain their construction ?


Michael Robinett, my best friend of over 30 years passed away, or as my good friend Ron likes to call it, 'metamorphized' one year ago today. In his honor and his memory, I am posting some of his beautiful drawings. I haven't touched the blog for six months in 2016. It's very hard to get used to the new reality, no Michael and I completely lost my focus. My job now is to publish all his drawings of the Mishkan and the Temple of Solomon. Below is a measured drawing of the plan of the Temple of Solomon in cubits and feet. He read the Book of Kings where all the dimensions are written. I asked him if he could put it in cubits and feet for clarity. And he did it. I asked him to superimpose the drawing on top of his Pythagorean grid and he did it. It is stunning. The Temple plan is based on the geometry of the Pythagorean theorem.

He created a website for me, carol-miller. com. He put my text and a lot of his drawings of those two temples on it. More on the now defunct website in the next post.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


On May 4th, 9:43 a.m., heavy equipment was parked on Beacon Street. View from my window.