Sunday, July 16, 2017


An old friend contacted me. We drove cross country forty years ago.  I was finishing a phone call and saw 'David Charak' pop up on caller i.d. David Charak, David Charack...from Chelsea, part of the Chelsea crowd from high school, college and beyond. I called him back and he said, "...I'm sitting on the wall at Revere Beach and I thought of you. I'm recovering from brain surgery. It was a tumor but benign." Well, well, of those Facebook moments which I never experience because I'm not on Facebook.

David knew Shirley. It was like re connecting with a friend from high school even though he lived in Chelsea and I lived in Malden. I have not blogged about the Malden years yet.  He is still connected to Jackie and Dave where I stayed in Peabody when I first got back to Boston. Also Bruce Sugarman and Barry Blair. I sent him this photo I took at Lynn Shore Drive near Swampscott in 1996.

Saturday, July 1, 2017


Ron and Pam celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary on June 28th. I did attend their wedding in June, 1998 which took place in a beautiful, natural setting in Marin, CA, Mt.Tamalpais I think. Now they live in Willits, CA in Mendocino County. Hoping to get out there to visit them soon.

Tonight is Shirley's yahrtzeit, Tammuz 8. Her birthday is July 5th. Aunt Ruth passed away July 11th; her yahrtzeit is Tammuz 5 which oddly, according to the Jewish lunar calendar, corresponds to June 29th. And her birthday is July 14th. Two sisters who were not close, both 'metamorphosized' within days of their birthdays and each other.
Ken Josephs, Ruth Weissman, Shirley Silverman, Carol Miller, 1998
This photo was taken by Ken I believe who came prepared with his camera and tripod for this rare, group photo of both sisters and cousins. We were at a chinese restaurant in Swampscott in 1998. Ken and Aunt Ruth visited with Barbara, sister of Ken.

The Red Sox are sitting on top of the Eastern Division by one game over the Yankees ! Not too shabby without Big Papi. Remember you heard it here first from The Miller Report...David Price who is supposed to be our ace pitcher but started his season two months late due to injury is now in altercations with the Boston press. He chewed out two reporters. Prediction: he will be gone as soon as he can despite his $219 million seven year contract. Fine, we have Chris Sale who is our ace pitcher.

Resident artist Ruby Pearl asked me to show my paintings in the 1550 artspace. She is a very gifted artist; she said "your work really should be seen" so that made my day. She also offered a lot of help to make it happen which might make the project actually doable. I owe Bernice a paper bag drawing.

HAPPY JULY 4TH - enjoy the long holiday weekend. I hope to get to the MFA on Monday to see the Matisse exhibit which closes July 9th.....


I got a lovely email from Ken appreciating the Sandler Family Archives blog :)
do you know what year Zaidie &  family came from south of Kiev to America?


i suppose i could look thru yr archives - which i've started to appreciate more = but thought a direct question would be more expedient.

i did not understand yr obsession w/ yr chronicling family  & noting yr life until i did.

i can see that that's the stuff of history; those who don't learn from history - well - just don't.