Monday, April 30, 2012


   Rose (Rachel Esther) Bronstein z”l
20 Adar 5772          
 March 13-14, 2012
Maariv Service-Evening Service- Led by Paula Korman
Family Words- Judi Resnick, Rose’s Niece
Keynote Address- 
Prof. Jonathan Sarna
Topic: “Rose Bronstein and the History of Jewish Education”

Saturday, April 21, 2012


I went to the Yom Iyuun, Day of Study for Rose Bronstein at K.I. (Kehillath Israel) in March commemorating her one year Yahrtzeit. For Rose, it was actually an Evening of Study. Rose (or Miss Bronstein as I knew her) was my third grade Hebrew School teacher and I credit her with my lifelong interest in Judaism and that I can still read and write Hebrew. I was known as רחל מלר , my Hebrew name, Rochel Miller. I went to the Beth El Hebrew school in Dorchester, following in the footsteps of Roby, Aunt Ruth and Shirley. Rose taught at Beth El for 20 years and then was invited to teach at Hebrew Teachers College, now Hebrew College where she had a very distinguished career for 31 years and has hundreds of students all over the world who remember her fondly. Professor Jonathan Sarna, Distinguished Scholar from Brandeis University and author of The Jews of Boston, spoke about her in glowing terms. He was also a student of Rose's at Hebrew College.

Rose and I went to lunch at Legal Seafood with one of her students and companion, Paula Korman in 2004. How did I reconnect with Rose after 45 years ?!?! Before I moved into 1550 Beacon Street, I stayed with Tova Silver for two weeks while my apartment was being renovated. I ordered some Clinique products which came with a promotional gift. Tova said she had a friend who used Clinique too, Rose Bronstein. I said I had a third grade Hebrew school teacher by that name - yes, it was the same person ! She lived 10 minutes away from me in Brookline. We called her immediately and reconnected. Eventually we went to lunch and Paula and I have remained friends.

Back to the Yom Iyuun. The Chapel at K.I. was packed with people, friends and former students of Rose. My mind went backwards to my memories of going to the Beth El Hebrew School as a little girl. We went around the room and everyone talked about their memories of Rose. Believe me, the Beth El Hebrew School was talked about a lot. I felt melancholy sitting there with the perspective of time - I could see clearly how my life changed dramatically when Shirley married Julius and we moved to Malden. No more Girls Latin school, no more Beth El Hebrew School.......our lives changed forever; took a wrong turn. Bookies have different priorities - I will say more about this when I get back to the Malden Years.

Friday, April 20, 2012


I am happy to say I was able to attend the Open House in Fenway Park yesterday commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the ballpark. Jane and I entered Fenway at Gate E and found ourselves right behind these seats well back of third base but just to the left of the Green Monster. It really is heavenly coming from ground level and walking into the magic of Fenway. This was as close as I ever got to the Green Monstah and the scoreboard. The crowd snaked along very slowly. People wanted to get the chance of standing right in front of the Wall and go inside the scoreboard room and take pictures.

Over 54,000 people roamed around Fenway, lining up to go places fans aren't usually able to go like the Dugout, the Green Monster, the warning track, the scoreboard (the only manual scoreboard in baseball) and more. A Boston Herald reporter asked me why I came and I said, "my uncle tried out to be a Red Sox player in the early 1940's, I come from a family of die-hard Red Sox fans, my uncle wrote an article about the day my grandfather took him to a double header to see Ted Williams tip his cap, I still have my uncle's baseball and cap, and I came as the third generation of Sandler red sox fans." I had to call Aunt Ruth to find out when Roby tried out for the team. She said he was in his late teens. He didn't make the team so he became a Professor of English instead.

View across the field - fans climbing and walking all over Fenway.

I watched the emotional and moving Opening Ceremonies of today's game against the Yankees which is being played at the same time on the same day as 100 years ago. The players are wearing the same uniforms they wore 100 years ago. They had almost 200 past Red Sox players, Carleton Fisk, Carl Yazstremski, Luis Tiant, Dennis Eckersley, Johnny Pesky, Bill 'Spaceman' Lee, Kevin Millar, Jim Rice, and the current Red Sox color analyst and former 2nd baseman, Jerry Remy to name a few. Can't forget  Jim Lonborg who pitched us into the playoffs in 1967. I remember we got the day off from school !   Only in Boston, only at Fenway....


Bernice sent this to me from the librarian at Temple Beth Am where they were members for many years. Kudos to Etta Gold who sent me the jpg of the above photo and graciously invited me to come see it in person.

The Professor 'Bob' Sandler Reading Corner

Robert “Bob” Sandler was a frequent visitor and a genuine supporter of our library.  He would often stop by with news of a new publication we might be interested in purchasing or to give us a heads-up on an article of his, soon to be published.  Bob, a retired Professor of English at the University of Miami, remained deeply involved in so many intellectual pursuits, teaching and lecturing on an array of subjects – modern, Biblical, and Holocaust literature, history, philosophy, as well as Tanach and Talmud. In April of 2010 Bob was honored as the co- recipient of the Temple Beth Am 2010 Talmud Torah Award, along with his dear friend George Bosin. It was their persistent determination that we provide a forum for current events discussions, especially regarding Israel, that contributed to the creation of our Sunday Series, now known as the Sunday Salon. Bob passed away in December of 2010, but his beloved wife Bernice, family and friends have fashioned the perfect way to honor him and keep his memory alive in our library. A comfy chair, a beautiful reading light, and a quiet nook in which to curl up and read – welcome to the Professor Bob Sandler Reading Corner. 

Come, check us out! 

Etta D. Gold
Library Director
The Richard and Janet Yulman Campus
5950 N. Kendall DrivePinecrestFL 33156

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I don't remember ever being at a Seder with Roby... until last night, the second night of Passover. My little girl childhood memories are of Passover at Boby's house with Boby and Zaidy and Shirley and Aunt Ruth and Ken. Roby was in Florida during those years. This year I had a Seder at my house and we used Roby's Haggadah primarily. I added some material about Miriam (and her role in the Exodus story) and even a couple of paragraphs from the Jewish Buddhist Haggadah. One of my guests is a self-described 'Conservadox' and she really liked Roby's interpretation. We all did. Hearing his voice come out of the mouths of people he didn't even know was amazing and made me feel like he was right there. (And that's Boby in the background at the top of the photo.......)