Friday, February 28, 2014


Yes, I know, it's February 28th and it is 23 degrees here, really feels like 10...yikes ! To cope with frigid temps, psychologically it's much better to watch the MIAMI MARLINS vs. the Cardinals, playing in Jupiter, Florida in 70 degree weather. In other words, just watching the boys of summer makes me feel warmer. Ok, I also have to see former Red Sox catcher, Jared Saltalamacchia playing for the Marlins - he was traded after the World Series win. Some Red Sox spring training games seem to be televised, see below: however, soon, soon, March 31st at Baltimore.....first game of the regular Season.

March Date Time TV Red Sox : 

Sat. 1 at Min 1:05 PM ET  FSN  
Sun.2 at Bal 1:05 PM ET  NESN   
Mon.3 at Pit 1:05 PM ET     
Tue. 4 TB 1:05 PM ET    
Wed. 5 at StL 1:05 PM ET  FSMW   
Thu. 6 at Mia 1:05 PM ET     
Fri. 7 Atl 1:05 PM ET    
Sat. 8 at Bal 1:05 PM ET  NESN/MASN  
Sat. 8 Bal 7:05 PM ET     
Sun. 9 at Pit 1:05 PM ET  NESN/ROOT   
Mon.10 TB 1:05 PM ET  NESN   
Tue. 11 at Bal 1:05 PM ET     
Tue. 11 Mia 1:05 PM ET     
Thu. 13 at Min 1:05 PM ET  FSN   
Fri. 14 at Tor 1:05 PM ET     
Sat. 15 Phi 7:05 PM ET  NESN   
Sun. 16 at TB 1:05 PM ET  NESN/SUN   
Mon. 17 StL 1:05 PM ET  ESPN   
Tue. 18 at NYY 1:05 PM ET  ESPN/YES   
Wed. 19 Pit 7:05 PM ET  ROOT/NESN  
Thu. 20 NYY 7:05 PM ET ESPN/YES/NESN   
Fri. 21 at Phi 1:05 PM ET  TCN   
Sat. 22 at Atl 1:05 PM ET  NESN/SPSO   
Sun. 23 TB 1:05 PM ET  NESN   
Mon. 24 at Bal 1:05 PM ET  MASN   
Tue. 25 at TB 1:05 PM ET  NESN/SUN   
Wed. 26 Bal 1:05 PM ET     
Thu. 27 Min 7:05 PM ET     
Fri. 28 at Min 1:05 PM ET  NESN/FSN   
Sat. 29 Min 1:05 PM ET

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Good morning, it's 10 degrees here; really feels like 0, brrrrrrrrr - another nor'easter on the way for thursday;

Monday, February 10, 2014


I love the chocolate, sidewalk + Seahawk birthday cakes.....very cool........
ellen, thank you for the holiday card; I didn't send out any cards this year...
Birthday Cake


Spring training 2014 essentials

Location: JetBlue Park at Fenway South, 11581 Daniels Parkway, Fort Myers, Fla., 33913
Key dates:
* Feb. 15: Pitchers and catchers report
* Feb. 17: First workout for pitchers and catchers
* Feb. 18: Position players report
* Feb. 20: First full-squad workout
* Feb. 27: Doubleheader against Northeastern and BC
* Feb. 28: Grapefruit League opener vs. Twins
* March 29: Camp breaks
* March 31: Opening Day at Baltimore


I didn't blog very much in January because I started working on my synagogue architecture project. This work was begun when I was a graduate student at U.C. Berkeley (150 years ago !) and I chose to design a synagogue for my thesis project. I did not complete it and over time it has changed to From Tent to Synagogue: Architecture, Meaning and Memory. This is a monumental task digging through all my research, files, slides and other material I have gathered over the years while giving talks on synagogue architecture. Step 1 is just  finding all the stuff I have done. That is my goal for the end of February. Long term goal, self-publish.......

I remember talking to Roby about this project and he sent me some articles on synagogue architecture which I still have. He was very supportive and encouraging.

Above is one of my sketches I am working on now.....I have to draw more tents ! It shows the Tabernacle in the Desert surrounded by all the tribes at Mt. Sinai....

Saturday, February 8, 2014


It's 19 degrees here, really feels like 6 according to Accuweather. Brrrrrrr

However, today is Red Sox Truck day ! It's finally here and for those of us in frozen, snowy Boston, this means that Spring is going to come !

Truck Day.jpg
Truck Day 2014 is upon us.
Let the cliches roll.
Next stop, Fort Myers.
You can read more about it here.

"Several players, including Xander BogaertsJon Lester and Will Middlebrooks, are already working out in Fort Myers. Truck Day gives New Englanders a nice, clean way to mark the unofficial start of the new baseball calendar year. It's more welcomed during a winter that's been markedly more brutal than most. It also provides the Red Sox with another chance to demonstrate their ability to turn just about anything into a publicity stunt, including the transportation of athletic gear and clothing from Boston to Florida."

Red Sox Truck Day 2014
Don’t let a grumpy groundhog tell you otherwise, spring is here Red Sox fans, and it officially got underway today with the Red Sox’ annual Truck Day festivities at Fenway Park.