Monday, October 20, 2014


I am back from Summer hiatus. A lot has happened. Joan Rivers passed away from a routine procedure. On the heels of Robin Williams, this was too much to bear. Fortunately you can see almost all her performances on YouTube. Sometimes I start my day with her in the morning. It's great laughter therapy. The absence of those two originals is palpable. Moral of the story: it is our job here in America to prevent the euphemistically called Healthcare system, i.e. Doctors, the Food industry and the Pharmaceutical industry from killing us.

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippor and Succot have come and gone. Happy New Year to all, belated......we had a very decorative Succah here at 1550.

October baseball. Unreal. Stay tuned to the World Series starting Tuesday night between the Kansas City Royals and The S.F. Giants. Weird - no Red Sox, no Yankees, no St. Louis Cardinals, no Detroit Tigers. Changes, big changes. I still think Ownership and Management should hit the road here in Beantown. Yes, that means you John Henry, owner of the Boston Globe and a Liverpool Soccer team. Now we have to watch Jake Peavey, former Red Sox pitcher (who bought a Duckboat after we won the World Series last year) start for the Giants in Game 1. Wince, wince.

Fall foliage is beautiful here right now. I have been taking shots from the 8th floor lobby window.