Sunday, December 31, 2017


The sun was hardly out all day until sunset time. And it's freezing. Seriously, in the single digits. At sunset time the sky turned blue and it got lighter. There is more light in the sky now at 4:30 than we had a month ago.


The camera 'sees' differently.

Laurie came over all dressed up as she headed to the New Year's eve party downstairs. I decided to skip the party while having my chicken soup, salmon and organic sweet potato. Laurie was not gone very long. She came back + reported the party was not very good so we hung out together while watching Carl Reiner being interviewed on the Jewish Broadcasting Network. We got some good laughs....a good way to ring in the new year !

Friday, December 29, 2017


As the old year winds down, we remember Roby who I think about all the time. Interesting he passed away on Shabbat, a sign of a 'righteous person' according to a rabbi I spoke with and this year's yahrtzeit is the day before Shabbat. I just spoke to Ken and got an email from Bernice. Both were concerned about the 7 degree temps we are having here with no end in sight. Boston is freezing; historically low frigid temps. The Arctic Circle was warmer than us yesterday when it was 0 and into the minus numbers.

I woke up at 7:00 am just before sunrise. That doesn't usually happen. However I was just in time to get sunrise/dawn shots.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017


My friend Laurie found this image among her father's things. He passed away some months ago. Ynot  -

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Ken, Ellen and Robert and Julian and family and Amber and family.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Saturday, December 23, 2017


This is what happens when you get freezing rain and snow showers aka "a wintry mix".....

3:07 PM
4:41 PM
4:42 PM

Friday, December 22, 2017


Apparently, the Winter Solstice occurred December 21st at 11:27ish am. Here is a sunset shot from 12.21st.
5:23 PM

6:05 PM
Still a lot of light in the sky. 

Laurie came over after services at TBZ last night. We watched two shows on the Jewish Broadcasting Network, two different shows featuring two comedians. They were hysterical and we laughed till we cried and our stomachs hurt.

Thursday, December 21, 2017


The shortest day of the year with new moon.

Over the past few days I've been in touch with a lot of my california friends. Yesterday I had a nice phone visit with Joan, I got an email from Ron who celebrated Chanukah in Willits with Pam, and I got that lovely email from Tony.

Happy holidays to everyone in the Sandler family and beyond...

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Wow, a Chanukah gift, an email with an artfully composed selfie taken by my graduate advisor at UC Berkeley, Tony Dubovsky. It arrived with the subject line "Ynot sends Chanukah greetings"  lol...Professor Tony (Avram) Dubovsky is the co-Chair of the Visual Studies department which is housed in the College of Environmental Design where the Architecture school is located.

We had a Chanukah party on the 8th floor last night. Bette and I brought out our menorahs and lit the candles on the last night. Bette took the above photo which I emailed to Tony. He emailed right back with "very nice ! You look like you !" We like that :)

Saturday, December 16, 2017


Today is Christmas at Fenway. Fittingly, tomorrow is Roby's English yahrtzeit, December 17th. Thousands of fans showed up at 10:00 am when the temperature was 28 degrees and really feels like 19 ! Red Sox tickets go on sale today. Somehow thinking about that makes me feel warmer. Our new manager, Alex Cora is on NESN. So far, he is our only recent acquisition and winter meetings are OVER. Fans are not happy. Where is our big bat ? Instead Giancarlo Stanton went to the Yankees ! Curses ! Carlos Santana went to the Phillies ! Curses again ! No one understands why Dave Dombrowski has not acquired a big bat to replace David Ortiz...However the Yankees have forged full steam ahead - now they have Stanton and Boone, formidable and more powerful than the Sox.


The fourth night of Chanukah. The room was packed with 1550 residents for latkes with applesauce and sour cream. Rabbi Jim brought his guitar and we all sang Chanukah songs and played the dreidel game. I hadn't gone to any events around here. Some residents expressed affection towards me - they hadn't seen me in awhile and said I should come to more things. How nice. Unexpected. Bette and I went together; eventually Clarice, Laurie, Nina and Miriam showed up.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Tonight is the first night of Chanukah. Thinking of Roby and the Arch of Titus.


HAPPY CHANUKAH. Design: Carol Miller. Coated paper + post - it. 2017.

Visitors can go to Rome and see the Arch of Titus commemorating the Destruction of the Temple of the Solomon by the Romans in 70 AD. Word is that Italian Jews refused to walk under the Arch until the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. The Italian Jewish community is among the oldest Jewish communities in the world. Jews lived there during the time when the Temple of Solomon was standing.


David came over with latkes from the Butcherie ! We lit the candles and ate latkes.


I went to my friend Bette's apartment for candle lighting. Miriam was there and we lit the candles and sang Chanukah songs. And we watched a video of the Yeshiva Boys Choir singing their big hit, over 2,000,000 hits on YouTube, Those Were the Nights of Chanukah. Click here. Laurie came over around 9:00. We lit the candles in my house, sang songs and told Yiddish jokes.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


3:18 PM
After a very warm and lengthy fall with higher than normal temps, we finally got our first snowstorm on Saturday.

5:34 PM

Friday, December 8, 2017


5:57 PM
Interesting December sunset clouds from last night, Dec. 7th.
Night falls on Beacon St.
Experimenting with black + white.
Short days. The sun starts setting around 3:15ish...
5:01 PM

5:19 PM
4:59 PM

Monday, November 27, 2017


MAY 7, 2017  10:10 AM
NOVEMBER 25, 2017  4:30 PM
I love the change in seasons. After living in California for over ten years, I missed the seasons so much I don't take them for granted now.  The light is not the same in the above photos since they were taken at different times. But the composition is very close.
12.9.17 4:44 PM
 What a difference a difference 10 days makes. First snowfall.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


from my window
usually all the leaves are gone by Thanksgiving
still a lot left hanging around

4:36 PM

11.25.17, TWILIGHT TIME,  5:38PM

Thursday, November 23, 2017


147803807699805Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I have neglected the Sandler Family Archives blog but plan to be back up + running filling in my summer adventures. I hope Bernice is feeling better and that everything is well with Ken and Ellen. I am indulging in revisionist history just like governments and history books. Please check out july, august, september and october as I catch up.

I went to my friend David's sister's house on Thanksgiving. Her son Alex entertained us with his piano playing most of the evening. David's mother was there, his sister and her husband, older son Ben who brought his girlfriend Nicole for the first time and younger son, Alex who is a senior at University of Chicago.

The main reason I neglected the blog is I have been in excruciating TMJ pain since March 2017. My jaw is out of alignment. I've been going to Jaw Therapy since May. I have seen since six dentists since March. Yikes ! A real nightmare dental debacle. Currently I don't have pain at rest. It's freed up more energy. I feel better but still fighting with dentists and insurance a lot of other people in corporate america. I still can't chew and have to eat soft and liquid food. Ok, enough of that. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


On the way to Fenway, again ! We took the T and got off at Kenmore Square, note the T stop at Kenmore.What a gorgeous, warm summer evening in Boston. Thinking of Roby and Zaidy at Fenway Park. So many layers of history and memory. We meandered through the crowds, fans and peanut vendors on Yawkey Way. Sorry I didn't get photos of that, next time. Maria Menounos, former co-host on E ! and Boston native, opened an organic food stand, Greek and Mediterranean food, hummus and veggies. Something new on the healthy side, change comes slowly. But it comes, this is proof. Something else besides Fenway franks and peanuts.

Entering Fenway is just a magical experience after navigating the basement levels containing more food vendors, you walk through a narrow tunnel, up a ramp and Fenway appears like the Emerald City of Oz - that green only exists at Fenway and Ireland.
6:59 PM
Players stretching on the field. Once again, we had really great seats. I never sat so close. You don't see this on TV. The ballpark experience is very different. It's one of the only places I will go where there are crowds of thousands of people. I feel safe at Fenway. Everyone is in a good mood - you get to yell and boo, all ages are there. I saw a little boy, less than 2, held in his father's arms. It is so loud at the ballpark but that little boy was not crying. He just looked all around in wonder. There's a lot to see. :)


Thursday, August 31, 2017


I got to hang out with my California friend Noemi and her husband Jeff who came to visit relatives in the Boston area. Noemi wanted to go to the Gardner. I always love to go there. It's an exact replica of a 15th century Venetian palace with a huge, sky-lighted courtyard, just like Roman villas (without the skylight). .
She was a character. She was a New Yorker and not well received in stuffy Boston circles. But she became an avid art collector, much of which is on display, with the help of her Harvard Art Historian friend Bernard Berenson. She built it with the idea of leaving it to the public.
Taking selfies at the Venetian Palazzo. Very romantic....Before I went to California I used to go to the Gardner all the time. Classical music concerts in the Music Room, drawings by Michaelangelo and Rembrandt. I especially liked the Dutch room, several Rembrandt paintings and my most favorite, The Concert by Vermeer. It was kept in a glass case with a velvet cover over it to protect it from the light, but you were allowed to lift up the velvet cloth to look at it. Unfortunately the Gardner was robbed in 1990! Three paintings are missing from the Dutch room including two Rembrandts and the Vermeer. What a loss ! Vermeer did not paint many pictures in his lifetime and Isabella had one of them. I greatly admire her as an art Patron. She was friends with John Singer Sargent also.

Courtyard objects, small pool with tile floor, Egyptian statue, Roman mosaic floor.

Rumor has it that Jackie Kennedy always visited the Gardner when she was in Boston and that it was her favorite museum. It is one of the best places to go in the Winter where you can see beautiful plants, lots of green and beautiful light because of the huge skylight.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


I was invited to go to a Red Sox game with David who is is a real baseball maven like Ron and Roby. Like Roby he has followed the Sox since he was a child. His memories go way back with lots of stories about skipping school and going to double headers. Before the game, we were treated to a special ceremony to celebrate and honor the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Red Sox Impossible Dream Team. That's Jim Lonborg on the left and Yaz on the right with Rico Petrocelli, Ken Harrelson and Reggie Smith, et. al. You can read more about the team in the Globe article.
The Red Sox played the Cardinals and lost the world series in seven games, however it was a 'dream' that they got into the World Series that year. That's when Red Sox Nation was born. Before the '67 dream team, going to Fenway was not mandatory viewing like it is today. "It was so quiet you could hear the bookies in the upper deck" says Luis Tiant in the documentary about The 1967 Dream Team. We lost to the Cardinals in '67 but we won in 2017 in the ninth inning in a 5-4 comeback win courtesy of a double by Mookie Betts. The game did not end until after 11:00 pm. Exhausted but happy.

Very exciting. We were sitting in Loge Box red seats which were comfortable. I had never sat so close to the field before ! Awesome view to take it all in and get close up shots of the ballpark. I hadn't been to Fenway in a long time. The game ended after 11:00 pm, tired but we won :)

Sitting at Fenway is a totally different experience than watching the game on TV like I am used to. What ? No one was going to call the game ?!?! I had to pay attention to figure out what was going on, lol. I did not remember that instead of commercials the grounds crew comes out and sweeps off the base running paths and the mound - grounds crew shots, tidying up the field.:)

Eveyone was taking selfies ! The fans behind us took this photo. Here is a throwback picture of Yaz on the cover of the Boston Globe Magazine, February 19, 2017.