Saturday, July 1, 2017


Ron and Pam celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary on June 28th. I did attend their wedding in June, 1998 which took place in a beautiful, natural setting in Marin, CA, Mt.Tamalpais I think. Now they live in Willits, CA in Mendocino County. Hoping to get out there to visit them soon.

Tonight is Shirley's yahrtzeit, Tammuz 8. Her birthday is July 5th. Aunt Ruth passed away July 11th; her yahrtzeit is Tammuz 5 which oddly, according to the Jewish lunar calendar, corresponds to June 29th. And her birthday is July 14th. Two sisters who were not close, both 'metamorphosized' within days of their birthdays and each other.
Ken Josephs, Ruth Weissman, Shirley Silverman, Carol Miller, 1998
This photo was taken by Ken I believe who came prepared with his camera and tripod for this rare, group photo of both sisters and cousins. We were at a chinese restaurant in Swampscott in 1998. Ken and Aunt Ruth visited with Barbara, sister of Ken.

The Red Sox are sitting on top of the Eastern Division by one game over the Yankees ! Not too shabby without Big Papi. Remember you heard it here first from The Miller Report...David Price who is supposed to be our ace pitcher but started his season two months late due to injury is now in altercations with the Boston press. He chewed out two reporters. Prediction: he will be gone as soon as he can despite his $219 million seven year contract. Fine, we have Chris Sale who is our ace pitcher.

Resident artist Ruby Pearl asked me to show my paintings in the 1550 artspace. She is a very gifted artist; she said "your work really should be seen" so that made my day. She also offered a lot of help to make it happen which might make the project actually doable. I owe Bernice a paper bag drawing.

HAPPY JULY 4TH - enjoy the long holiday weekend. I hope to get to the MFA on Monday to see the Matisse exhibit which closes July 9th.....


I got a lovely email from Ken appreciating the Sandler Family Archives blog :)
do you know what year Zaidie &  family came from south of Kiev to America?


i suppose i could look thru yr archives - which i've started to appreciate more = but thought a direct question would be more expedient.

i did not understand yr obsession w/ yr chronicling family  & noting yr life until i did.

i can see that that's the stuff of history; those who don't learn from history - well - just don't.

Monday, May 29, 2017


Memorial Day. Zaidy was in World War 1. He was a veteran. He lived to pick me up from the Robert Treat Paine School and take me to Boby's house. Roby fought in World War 2. Fortunately he came home. Today I watched live film footage of the first Jewish service held in Germany in 1944 after the liberation of the camps on the Jewish Broadcasting Network. Seguing just a bit, I am reading a biography of Cleopatra. She ruled in Alexandria around 48 BC.  A smart military leader, she managed to get herself smuggled into her palace to meet Julius Caesar, another shrewd military leader. During that time, the Roman Empire ruled the world but could not totally dominate the Ptolemies in Egypt and their empire. Each had armies of thousands. In 2,000 years I see that nothing has changed. War, war, war. Only the technology has changed. Human behavior remains remarkably the same. Still, we honor the fallen and our troops fighting today to protect our freedom, precarious as it seems now.


Sunday, May 14, 2017


Happy Mother's Day to the 'good' Shirley and all the moms.....

Pre-married, sexy, Shirley in her gold lame one piece, looking stunning on the beach.

Shout out to Ellen who scanned in all the old family photos and emailed them to me. They had been 'lost' to me but made their way back. Roby got the black photograph album after Boby died.

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Last thursday I had a medical appointment to see my cranial-sacral therapist for the pain in my jaw caused by my 'former' less than stellar dentist. While waiting for a taxi I saw a tall, handsome guy walk in the building. As he walked by me I recognized him - Dave Dromkowski, general manager of the Red Sox. I jumped off the bench, pointed my finger and yelled out - Dave Dromkowski, Dave Dromkowski, really loud. He had walked past me, but turned around as I stuck out my hand to shake his. He came over to me, we shook hands and then I said "we need better pitching" very heartfelt since we had lost the last two games due to bad pitching. He smiled and then turned around and ran up the stairs to his appointment. What can I say...I felt like I was a ten year old fan. My friend Janice said "why didn't you ask for his autograph ?" Yeah, why didn't I ??!

Dave Dromkowski is a career baseball guy. He knew what he was getting into when he signed on to come to Boston. Even the little old ladies are baseball critics !

Ken called today. Nice to hear from him. He coined the term "complimentary interruption", two words I never saw together. We each accused the other of interrupting but how can you argue with a 'complimentary interruption' ? May 10th was Michael's second yahrtzeit, May 12th was my ex-brother's birthday, no contact. Surprisingly I did hear from Michael's brother Curt. He wrote an entry in the guestbook with a shout out to me for keeping the Guestbook open. And then he gave me his phone number. That is the first time any member of the Robinett family has talked to me since Michael 'metamorphosized'. A red letter day for connections. Curt is Michael's youngest brother in a family of six boys. Three of them are gone now - Robby, Mark and Mike. Today is Ron's birthday.

It's 6-3 Sox right now, top of the 7th. Chris Sales is poetry in motion - 12 strikeouts so far. Awesome.

It's chilly in Boston, upper 40's, grey day, expecting rain all day tomorrow. New windows were installed in my apartment last wednesday - resting up after a lot of work to move everything out of the way. Can you say 'disruptive' ? We were told we could not stay in the apartment while the work was being done. I refused to leave until I made my blueberry yogurt smoothie and watched the guys cover all my stuff with drop cloths. I spent the day hanging out in Bette's apartment, checking the progress in my apartment and chilling on the third floor public space with my laptop. I couldn't have done it without a little help from my friends and neighbors. Grateful...

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Two years. I remember watching you building your cube house in 1998 Mike. I miss you so much. I feel the same way as your brother Curt. I can't do this all by myself. I hope you and Robby and Mark are all playing guitar together somewhere. Ken wrote an entry in the guestbook.

Early days of Michael's cube house in front of his Pythagorean sculpture.
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Monday, April 10, 2017


Happy Passover and happy holidays and happy Spring. We have survived another New England winter. It is supposed to be 70 degrees today in Boston and there's a Red Sox game at 1:00 pm. We showed the Ken Burns 10 part series on JAZZ starting in February to get us through the aforementioned Boston winter. We highly recommend it - beautiful music and beautiful photography.

A special shout out to my cousin Ken who made several phone calls looking for me last week. I really appreciate the concern. I'm enjoying our recent communication and conversations. Also Thank You for the wonderful feedback on my paper bag drawings.

We're having a Seder tonight. So far I have my chicken soup going and quinoa. Next wild sole preparation and Seder plate - fresh horseradish, charoset, parsley....


 Happy Passover to Ron + Pam and the Sandler family and Laurie and Paula and Dorothy and Joan...

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Senator Elizabeth Warren incited a crowd of tens of thousands who gathered on Boston Common Saturday afternoon for the Women’s March.

“We can whimper. We can whine. Or we can fight back!” called Warren, as marchers clad in pink hats and waving protest signs screamed their agreement. “We come here to stand shoulder to shoulder to make clear: We are here! We will not be silent! We will not play dead! We will fight for what we believe in!

The Boston event is one of more than 670 marches being held nationwide and globally, a day after President Trump formally took office. Speakers in Boston included Warren, Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, and Attorney General Maura Healey.
Warren conjured the core values of American democracy: respect for every human being, economic opportunity, and celebration of diversity. She called for raising the minimum wage, protecting unions, fighting climate change, shielding immigrant families from deportation, and making sure gay marriage is not undermined. And she called on supporters to draw motivation from Trump’s inauguration Friday – a moment she said was burned in her mind.

“That is why we come together today, hundreds of thousands of people in Boston and Washington, and across this country,” she cried. “We are in marches to say we are fighting back! That’s who we are.” 
She also railed against Trump’s policies, including his oft-uttered promise to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.
“Immigration makes us a stronger country. We will not build a stupid wall, and we will not tear millions of families apart. Not on our watch,” Warren proclaimed to applause and cheers.
“And we believe that sexism, racism, homophobia, and bigotry have no place in this country,” Warren continued. “Black lives matter; diversity makes our country stronger. We believe that equal means equal and that’s true in the workplace, it’s true in marriage, it’s true every place.”
  All of the above from the article in the Boston Globe, Jan. 21, 2017

Elizabeth Warren's speech at the Boston Common:

More people are at this Rally than were at the Inauguration yesterday - good sign = HOPE. As a woman who came of age in the '60's, this is the first time since the '60's that thousands of people are in the streets demanding Change. In my experience, that's the only way change happens.

PS. My grandfather was a shop steward. I inherited that gene. In 1973 I went with friends to D.C.  to Nixon's inauguration to protest the Vietnam War. It's in the genes. Somewhere I have a picture of that...
Protest Richard Nixon Inauguration + Vietnam War, 1973. Photo by: Carol Miller