Wednesday, February 21, 2018


17 teenagers killed in their high school. Yikes ! When I went to high school the worst thing to be afraid of was the teachers. In Boston they yelled at us. I vaguely remember fire drills at the Robert Treat Pain School in Dorchester. I did not have to worry I might get shot...

Watching the students from Margery Stoneham Douglas high school speaking confidentally, angrily, emotionally and articulately looking directly into the camera is both inspiring and uncomfortable. They are speaking the truth as only teenagers can do without a hidden agenda as politicians have. Watching the Florida legislature NOT vote for common sense gun laws last night in Tallahassee shows the yawning chasm between the NRA-bought politicians and the idealism of youth.

I do take heart when I see people in the streets marching, hearkening back to my generation demonstrating on campus and in the streets against the Vietnam War. It's the only way change occurs.

I never realized the state of florida is a "gun-shaped" state - I read that today. Yes it is and controlled by repubican-led, pro-gun, pro-NRA politicians. Wouldn't it be great if the students succeeded in voting them out of office ? I wonder if the depth of their commitment extends into getting a majority of red-state Floridians to vote those career politicians out of office. Sea change.......


"Well done, Florida legislators. You just turned those students against The Establishment. What a mistake.
Do you think the kids will now go away quietly since you flexed your procedural muscle?
Doubt it.

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So welcome to 1968 and the war between the Vietnam protestors and the government. We were sending young people to die then, too, and they rebelled. Kids are now dying in school mass shootings, and they are about to rebel. The example can extend to the early 1960s, when black youths grew sick and tired of being second class citizens and pushed back and led America in to the Civil Rights Movement."

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