Monday, May 29, 2017


Memorial Day. Zaidy was in World War 1. He was a veteran. He lived to pick me up from the Robert Treat Paine School and take me to Boby's house. Roby fought in World War 2. Fortunately he came home. Today I watched live film footage of the first Jewish service held in Germany in 1944 after the liberation of the camps on the Jewish Broadcasting Network. Seguing just a bit, I am reading a biography of Cleopatra. She ruled in Alexandria around 48 BC.  A smart military leader, she managed to get herself smuggled into her palace to meet Julius Caesar, another shrewd military leader. During that time, the Roman Empire ruled the world but could not totally dominate the Ptolemies in Egypt and their empire. Each had armies of thousands. In 2,000 years I see that nothing has changed. War, war, war. Only the technology has changed. Human behavior remains remarkably the same. Still, we honor the fallen and our troops fighting today to protect our freedom, precarious as it seems now.