Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Two momentous occasions. The longest day of the year and Shirley's yahrtzeit. We had a beautiful blazing sunset in Boston to mark the event. She really was a force of nature. I went to a monument company today. On the path to get a headstone. Barry emerged on May 25th after a six year hiatus inquiring about progress on the stone. I am on it. Stressed. Red Sox are playing the Minnesota Twins. Read Ron's blog. He and Pam are doing well. Glad to hear it. Living in a small town like Willits sounds really good now. Too much traffic in the Boston area although it is really beautiful here.

I lit the yahrtzeit candle last night, corresponding to the hebrew calendar, 8 Tammuz. June 27th is the english date.

Shirley's yahrtzeit six years ago today. Supreme Court voted against Labor Unions - Zaidy was a Shop Steward. Justice Kennedy, swing vote on the Supreme Court retired today.

Happy Birthday Shirley/ mother .שלאובה